Our mission is to embrace families, facilitate inclusion, and create a home here at Logos for every family that walks through our doors.

Logos has a small team of volunteers who desire to come alongside you and your child to help in whatever way possible on Sunday morning

  • Our team of volunteers are not specially trained, but they desire to help parents and children have a positive church experience. It is our prayer that each child who attends hears the Word of God at a level that he/she can understand and enjoy the church environment.  It is our heart that the parents can get a few minutes alone to focus on God during the worship service and be refreshed.
  • For those who would like it, we have a separate room for children who struggle with the regular classroom environment. Here your child will receive individualized attention.
  • If you would prefer your child have a buddy to accompany him/her into a regular classroom, we can usually accommodate that request as well.
  • You will be asked to fill out a form of your child’s strengths and needs in order to assist the volunteers. You can complete this form online or simply fill it out upon arrival.
  • As with all our children in Logos Kids, you will be asked to register your child when you first arrive, making sure to get their sticker and yours.