We rejoice with you over your new little one!  Logos is eager to welcome you and your child to our service and we provide several ways for you to care for your infant.

  • You are welcome to bring your infant into the church service, but ask that you step out if your child begins to get fussy.
  • A cry room is provided in the back of the sanctuary where you can still see and listen to the service, but your child’s cries won’t be heard.
  • A nursing room is provided in Room 103 in the Logos Kids department. There you can nurse in privacy, change your baby’s diaper and even lay him/her down on the floor or in a crib. It is located next to a family bathroom.
  • There are changing tables in the women’s bathroom and the family bathroom on the main Logos Kids hall.
  • If you wish to park a stroller, you can place it outside the nursery.
  • Whenever you feel comfortable doing so, you are welcome to drop your child off at the nursery for 0-23 month olds. Please register your baby at a check-in station; be sure to pick up your child’s sticker and your own retrieval sticker. At the nursery door you will be asked to fill out a card that provides info on your child’s likes/dislikes, food, etc. Nursery staff will use your cellphone number to contact you if needed.