By providing a safe, fun, loving environment, you can rest assured knowing your child is taken care of and experiencing God on their own level! Our caring team of trained volunteers can’t wait to meet you and your child!

  • Parents will be asked to fill out an info card for their child before placing him/her in the nursery. This includes info about your child’s specific needs and the cell phone numbers of parents/caretakers to reach during the service.
  • Please keep your cell phone on you on vibrate in the service so that you will notice a text from the nursery if your child needs you.
  • All personal items belonging to your child should be labeled. (ie: cup, diaper bag, pacifier, bottles, etc.)
  • The nursery provides snacks for the children, usually animal crackers. If you prefer your child to eat something special, please provide it in their bag and mark that on their name label. Also, mark any allergies of which workers should be aware of.
  • Please inform the nursery attendant if your child is being potty-trained. Inform the attendant how much help your child needs when using the bathroom.